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The Archaeology of North Carolina: Three Archaeological Symposia
Edited by Charles R. Ewen, Thomas R. Whyte, and R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr.
Publication 30, North Carolina Archaeological Council, 2011.

[posted 11/17/11]

Cover [Download PDF - 253 KB]

Front Matter [Download PDF - 626 KB]


  1. Geoarchaeological Investigations of Stratified Sand Ridges Along the Tar River, North Carolina (Moore and Daniel) [Download PDF - 2.5 MB]
  2. Lithic Resources of the North Carolina Coastal Plain: Prehistoric Acquisition and Utilization Patterns (Abbott, Farrell, Nickerson,and Gay) [Download PDF - 6.7 MB]
  3. Current Research into the Paleoindian and the North Carolina Coastal Plain (Daniel and Moore) [Download PDF - 715 KB]
  4. Recent Woodland Archaeology of Coastal North Carolina (Herbert) [Download PDF - 3.4 MB]
  5. Woodland Period Site Distribution and Landscape Use in the Coastal Plain of Southeastern North Carolina (Mills) [Download PDF - 3.3 MB]
  6. Broad Reach Revisited: Preliminary Results of the 2006 Data Recovery Excavations (Millis) [Download PDF - 995 KB]
  7. Historical Archaeology on the Coastal Plain in the Post-South Era (Ewen) [Download PDF - 637 KB]
  8. "…They in respect of troubling our inhabiting and planting are not to be feared:” Archaeology and Ethnohistory of Native Coastal Populations Before and After European Contact (Mintz, Beaman, and Mohler) [Download PDF - 329 KB]
  9. Archaeological Research at Fort Raleigh – Past and Present (Luccketti, Klingelhofer, and Evans) [Download PDF - 485 KB]
  10. Coastal Plain Iroquoians Before and After European Contact: An Interpretive Study of Cashie Phase Archaeological Research in Northeastern North Carolina (Heath and Swindell) [Download PDF - 1.5 MB]
  11. Giving Voice to a Silent Past: African American Archaeology in Coastal North Carolina (Samford) [Download PDF - 447 KB]
  12. Forty Years Beneath the Waves: Underwater Archaeology in North Carolina (Lawrence) [Download PDF - 554 KB]
  13. Now You See It; Now You Don’t. Coastal Erosion and Coastal Cottages: Twenty Years of Cultural Resource Management Studies (Lautzenheiser, Bamann, and Gosser) [Download PDF - 649 KB]
  14. Rock Features of Western North Carolina (Claassen and Compton) [Download PDF - 427 KB]
  15. Collision at the Crossroads: Confusion in the Late Woodland Period (AD 800-1400) of Northwestern North Carolina (Whyte) [Download PDF - 1.3 MB]
  16. Cherokee Ethnogenesis in Southestern North Carolina (Rodning) [Download PDF - 1.0 MB]
  17. A New Look at an Old Sequence: Time, Typology, and Intrusive Traditions in the Carolina Piedmont (Daniel) [Download PDF - 1.4 MB]
  18. The Current State of Town Creek Research: What Have We Learned After the First 75 Years? (Boudreaux) [Download PDF - 2.2 MB]
  19. The Burke Phase: Native Americans and Spanish Conquistadors in the Western North Carolina Piedmont (Rodning, Moore, and Beck) [Download PDF - 3.5 MB]
  20. Eastern Piedmont Farmsteads and Plantations: A Site File Expedition (Stine) [Download PDF - 963 KB]