Research Laboratories of Archaeology

Archaeology at Ashe Ferry: The Late Woodland Period In The Lower Catawba River Valley
By Brett H. Riggs and R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr. Research Report No. 36, Research Laboratories of Archaeology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015.

Final Report Submitted to the South Carolina Department of Transportation

[posted 7/1/15]
Complete Report (excluding Appendixes E and F) [pdf]

Cover [pdf]

Front Matter [pdf]


  1. Introduction [pdf]
  2. Culture Historical Background [pdf]
  3. Archaeological Investigations [pdf]
  4. Discrete Feature Contexts and Site Structure [pdf]
  5. Ceramic Artifact Assemblages [pdf]
  6. Chipped-Stone, Ground-Stone, and Other Artifacts [pdf]
  7. Subsistence Remains [pdf]
  8. Summary and Conclusions [pdf]
References Cited [pdf]


  1. 2008 Survey Shovel Test Data [pdf]
  2. Maps, Illustrations, and Descriptions of Archaeological Features at the Ashe Ferry Site [pdf]
  3. Field Analysis of Human Burials, by Dale Hutchinson [pdf]
  4. Beta Analytic, Inc. reports on radiocarbon assays of samples from the Ashe Ferry Site [pdf]
  5. Catalog of Archaeological Specimens Recovered from Ayers Town, 2010-2011 [pdf]
  6. Descriptive Inventories of Selected Artifact Classes from Ayers Town, 2010-2011 [pdf - all]

    1. Pottery from the Ashe Ferry Site [pdf, xls, csv]
    2. Chipped Stone Projectile Points from the Ashe Ferry Site [pdf, xls, csv]
    3. Chipped Stone Flakes from the Ashe Ferry Site [pdf, xls, csv]
    4. Plant Remains Recovered from the Ashe Ferry Site [pdf, xls, csv]
    5. Faunal Remains from the Ashe Ferry Site [pdf, xls, csv]