Research Laboratories of Archaeology

Archaeology at Ayers Town: An Early Federal Period Community in the Catawba Nation
By R. P. Stephen Davis, Jr., Brett H. Riggs, and David Cranford. Research Report No. 37, Research Laboratories of Archaeology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015.

Redacted Version of Final Report Submitted to the South Carolina Department of Transportation

[posted 10/8/15]
Complete Report (excluding Appendixes C and D) [pdf]

Cover [pdf]

Front Matter [pdf]


  1. Introduction [pdf]
  2. Historical and Archaeological Background [pdf]
  3. Methods of Archaeological Investigation [pdf]
  4. Evidence for Non-Historic Catawba Site Uses [pdf]
  5. Archaeological Features and Site Structure [pdf]
  6. Material Culture [pdf]
  7. Subsistence Remains [pdf]
  8. Summary and Conclusions [pdf]
References Cited [pdf]


  1. Maps, Illustrations, and Descriptions of Archaeological Features at Ayers Town [pdf]
  2. Descriptions and Illustrations of Numbered Vessels from Ayers Town [pdf]
  3. Catalog of Archaeological Specimens Recovered from Ayers Town, 2010-2011 [pdf]
  4. Descriptive Inventories of Selected Artifact Classes from Ayers Town, 2010-2011 [pdf - all]

    1. Nails [pdf, xls, csv]
    2. Gunflints [pdf, xls, csv]
    3. Lead Ammunition [pdf, xls, csv]
    4. Buttons [pdf, xls, csv]
    5. Glass Beads [pdf, xls, csv]
    6. Catawba and Non-Catawba Pottery [pdf, xls, csv]
    7. Imported Pottery [pdf, xls, csv]
    8. Glass Artifacts [pdf, xls, csv]
    9. Cast Iron Vessel Fragments [pdf, xls, csv]
    10. Clay and Stone Pipe Fragments [pdf, xls, csv]
    11. Identified Plant Remains [pdf, xls, csv]
    12. Faunal Remains [pdf, xls, csv]