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The North Carolina Archaeological Society invites you to join us in saving a most important part of North Carolina-our archaeological heritage. Founded more than 60 years ago as a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the study of North Carolina’s archaeological past, the Society needs your support. By becoming a member you will have opportunities to learn about the archaeology of North Carolina and to help protect and preserve our state’s archaeological resources.

The goals of the North Carolina Archaeological Society are:

  • to promote the study of archaeology, both prehistoric and historic, in North Carolina;
  • to encourage the proper conservation and scientific exploration of archaeological sites; and
  • to promote responsible attitudes toward archaeological resources and discourage destructive or unlawful activities that adversely impact those resources.

The Society is made up of avocational and professional members who share an enthusiasm for North Carolina archaeology. One of its purposes is to spread archaeological knowledge through publications, meetings, organized projects, and educational programs.

Membership in the North Carolina Archaeological Society entitles you to receive its journal, North Carolina Archaeology, which is published yearly. North Carolina Archaeology provides a forum for members and other professional archaeologists to share knowledge of archaeological discoveries at prehistoric and historic sites around the state. Members also receive four issues annually of the North Carolina Archaeological Society Newsletter, which contains timely information about meetings, activities, and current research. Society members also are invited to participate in field trips and professionally supervised excavations.

The Society meets twice annually to learn about and promote a better understanding of our state’s rich archaeological heritage, and local Society chapters meet more frequently. Members who attend these meetings hear speakers discuss current research in North Carolina archaeology, attend workshops, see demonstrations of crafts such as flintknapping and pottery-making, take field trips to nearby sites, and interact with other Society members.

Join the North Carolina Archaeological Society and play an active part in preserving our state’s archaeological heritage. Share the excitement of studying the past.

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