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Video Clips from The Ancient Carolinians

The short video segments below were created for a traveling exhibit called The Ancient Carolinians, which was created by the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center in collaboration with the Research Laboratories of Archaeology, both at UNC-Chapel Hill. Funding for these videos was provided by the Alcoa Foundation.

The Ancient Carolinians is currently open to the public at Town Creek Indian Mound, a State Historic Site in Mount Gilead, N.C.


  • Executive Director of the North Carolina Commission of Indian Affairs Greg
    Richardson explains that American Indians have lived and thrived in North
    Carolina for more than 10,000 years.

  • Paleontologist Dale Russell of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
    describes some of the plants and animals that ancient North Carolinians would
    have encountered.

  • UNC archaeologist Silvia Tomášková describes the hunting and gathering lifestyle
    and explains how it was a successful adaptation for thousands of years.

  • Steve Watts of the Schiele Museum of Natural History explains that Stone Age
    technology is part of the history of all humans.

  • Steve Watts of the Schiele Museum of Natural History demonstrates how to make
    a stone tool.

  • UNC archaeologist Brett Riggs describes the natural resources that attracted
    people to the Hardaway site for thousands of years.

  • UNC archaeologist Steve Davis explains the social significance of the
    Hardaway site.

  • Archaeologist Theresa McReynolds explains how studying stratigraphy helps
    archaeologists determine the relative ages of artifacts.

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